AU *EXPIRED* – Bali from $147 Return

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Bali from $147 Return

Bali from $147 Return

This Deal has EXPIRED

Looks like you're too slow. 🙁
Most, if not all the flights below are now gone.
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Jetstar is having a sale on flights to Bali. Lots of travel dates.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

Darwin to Bali Flights $147 Return.
Dep. 30/Apr Ret. 06/May $147   View Flight
Dep. 30/Apr Ret. 08/May $147   View Flight
Dep. 01/May Ret. 09/May $147   View Flight
Dep. 04/May Ret. 12/May $147   View Flight

Perth to Bali Flights $215 Return.
Dep. 16/Oct Ret. 22/Oct $215   View Flight
Dep. 16/Oct Ret. 23/Oct $215   View Flight
Dep. 17/Oct Ret. 24/Oct $215   View Flight
Dep. 17/Oct Ret. 25/Oct $215   View Flight

Townsville to Bali Flights $203 Return.
Dep. 12/Jul Ret. 18/Jul $203   View Flight
Dep. 12/Jul Ret. 23/Jul $203   View Flight
Dep. 12/Jul Ret. 25/Jul $203   View Flight
Dep. 12/Jul Ret. 01/Aug $203   View Flight

Cairns to Bali Flights $276 Return.
Dep. 13/Jun Ret. 17/Jun $276   View Flight
Dep. 13/Jun Ret. 23/Jun $276   View Flight
Dep. 13/Jun Ret. 24/Jun $276   View Flight
Dep. 23/Apr Ret. 24/May $286   View Flight

Adelaide to Bali Flights $298 Return.
Dep. 13/Nov Ret. 20/Nov $298   View Flight
Dep. 17/Aug Ret. 21/Aug $389   View Flight
Dep. 15/Aug Ret. 21/Aug $397   View Flight
Dep. 17/Aug Ret. 22/Aug $400   View Flight

Melbourne to Bali Flights $347 Return.
Dep. 12/Nov Ret. 17/Nov $347   View Flight
Dep. 08/May Ret. 17/May $347   View Flight
Dep. 08/May Ret. 18/May $347   View Flight
Dep. 14/May Ret. 20/May $347   View Flight

Brisbane to Bali Flights $343 Return.
Dep. 13/Aug Ret. 20/Aug $343   View Flight
Dep. 13/Aug Ret. 22/Aug $343   View Flight
Dep. 13/Aug Ret. 23/Aug $343   View Flight
Dep. 13/Aug Ret. 25/Aug $343   View Flight

Sydney to Bali Flights $403 Return.
Dep. 23/Jul Ret. 28/Jul $403   View Flight
Dep. 23/Jul Ret. 01/Aug $403   View Flight
Dep. 23/Jul Ret. 02/Aug $403   View Flight
Dep. 23/Jul Ret. 03/Aug $403   View Flight

Gold Coast to Bali Flights $512 Return.
Dep. 08/Sep Ret. 19/Sep $512   View Flight
Dep. 11/Jun Ret. 18/Jun $519   View Flight
Dep. 13/Jul Ret. 27/Jul $553   View Flight
Dep. 24/Oct Ret. 13/Nov $566   View Flight

Hobart to Bali Flights $731 Return.
Dep. 20/Aug Ret. 04/Sep $583   View Flight
Dep. 21/Aug Ret. 04/Sep $583   View Flight
Dep. 22/Aug Ret. 04/Sep $583   View Flight
Dep. 24/Aug Ret. 04/Sep $583   View Flight

Flights to Bali – All Other Departure Cities.

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